🚛 Livraison offerte à partir de 19€ d'achat
🚛 Livraison offerte à partir de 19€ d'achat

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Your 50 % discount code is now active, and can be used by your followers/friends. This code will be valid as long as you will be a part of our team.
Here are some additional information about this ambassadors program :

Your benefits :

  • A 50€ discount code, for you to receive your first free articles.
  • When you reach 5 orders, we send you new articles for free (total value : 30€), and we pay the shipping costs for you.
  • Once you’ve reached 6 orders - made with the discount code shared with your community - you’ll earn 20 % of the sales commissions.
  • We will provide you with advices and recommendations, for you to learn on social marketing with both theory and practice.
  • An exclusive discount for our ambassadors on bestfeed.fr, to personalize your Instagram account.  We are actually involved in a partnership with this website, for you to benefit from their Lightroom presets, for a really affordable price (we refuse our team members to pay more than 5€ for an Instagram filter)

So, you can enjoy a -70% discount on www.bestfeed.fr , just enter the BLFAMILY code. We simply ask you not to share that discount code with your friends, as this one is only set for our team members.

Specifics recommendations :

  • If you aim to achieve a better sales score with your discount code, we recommend you to share it, at least once a month on your social media accounts. It has been proven that repetition is the best way to bring a message into the client’s mind. So if you share it the first time, and no one order anything, this is normal, don’t give up !
  • We also recommend you to take pictures or even short videos wearing jewelry, this will help your customers to visualize and have a clear idea of what they might be buying.
  • Take beautiful pictures. It is very important to take nice photos, to gain your community’s attention. You can use several free apps to improve your pictures :
  1. To create fascinating design templates, we recommend you to use the Canva app
  2. To add professional looking filters, you can use the Lightroom app.

Also, to create your own universe and have a really nice-looking feed, the secret is to always use the same filter for all your pictures. This is the ultimate secret to have a beautiful Instagram feed.

Important information :

  • For any questions related to orders, please use email (and not Messenger or Instagram) to contact us : info@bijouxlove.fr
  • Please, check your delivering address before you validate your order. All the orders will be sent at this address, and every order sent at a wrong destination will be lost once and for all, and won’t be refunded.
  • When you promote our website, don’t speak about other brands or websites in the very same post.
  • Once you’ve reached 5 orders, we will notify it automatically. Otherwise, you can ask how many times your discount code has been used. Contact us on Messenger anytime if you’re a little bit lost on the number of your orders.
  • If you want to leave our ambassador program, you just need to send a message on Messenger to let us know.

Finally, we would like to thank you for being a part of our ambassador program, and your interest towards our brand !

Bijoux Love Team