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🚛 Free shipping on orders over 19€

Become An Ambassador


We are currently searching for ambassadors to join our team.

Our goal is to build a family spirit inside our team, by giving micro influencers the opportunity to develop themselves in social marketing field.


  • What is the role of your brand’s ambassadors ?

As an ambassador, your main role will be to promote our brand, using the free products we’ll be sending to you. Then, you will be asked to take selfies with those products. Once it’s done, you post the selfie on your social media accounts, and share your opinion about the product shown in the picture online.


  • What are the benefits of being part of your ambassadors team ?

Being a part of our amazing ambassadors team offers a lot of benefits, from the opportunity to gain professional experience in social marketing, to receiving free products. You will be involved in important decisions related to our website as well, so you’ll quickly gain responsibilities.

In addition, since you’ll represent our brand, you will receive an exclusive discount code, which you can share to your community. That means everyone you know can enjoy a discount on our products.

Finally, you can take part to each and every contest or activity, specially made for our ambassadors.


  • What are the requirements to send you my application ?
  1. You must have a least 200 followers on Instagram
  2. You must love taking selfie, and feel comfortable in front of the camera
  3. You must love wearing jewelry

  • I want to stop being an ambassador : can I leave the program whenever I wish ?

Yes of course. If you want to leave our team, you simply need to send us a message on Instagram or Messenger.

  • Is there a minimum age to join your team ?

No, there’s no minimum age to join us. However, if you are minor, we will need your parents’ permission.


  • How can I send you my application ?

If you want to send us your application, please click on the following link. You will be redirected to a short form on Messenger, and will be asked to answer to 5 questions : Apply here